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Gris-de-Lin is a singer/songwriter & multi-instrumentalist from Dorset. Her music is a heady mix of post-rock, blues and alt-folk peppered with warped electronics. Her debut album Sprung was released by BB*Island on 6th April 2018. The album was recorded in a nursery school and saw her playing virtually all of the instruments herself – from guitars and synths to drums and saxophone. Working with producer/engineer Chris Hamilton (Torres/Kite Base) she also drafted in Rob Ellis (PJHarvey/Anna Calvi) to play drums on several tracks.

Live she alternates between instruments and recent tours have seen her play shows in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Australia and New Zealand and perform a live session for BBC Introducing.

Gris-de-Lin has also been working with other artists including The Duke Spirit, Tunng, Gemma Ray and Joe Gideon & Jim Sclavunos (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds).


“Gris-de-Lin blends alt-rock, folk, world rhythms, skronky jazz and glitchy esoterica into a beguiling whole on her debut album, balancing strong melody with consistently inventive sonic texture. 8/10” Graeme Thomson, Uncut Magazine

“Gris-de-Lin is probably one of the most spellbinding songwriter/multi-instrumentalists I’ve ever came across.” Earthly Pleasures

“Sprung is a fine introduction to Gris-de-Lin’s sound… both very original and very exciting: the album from which it is lifted might just be one of the most intriguing releases of the year.” For The Rabbits

“From cut-up art-installation pieces to pure pop balladry Gris-de-Lin has a lovely way with a melody and a brilliant concept around how outer textures can titillate and captivate…. A magical slice of songwriting and performance here. All of the elements aligned.” Off The Tracks

“British DIY artist GRIS-DE-LIN is a compelling and adventurous singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who’s about to release her excellent debut album SPRUNG. She combines echoes of post-rock, blues & alt-folk while colouring her sonic pictures with wayward electronics that draw your attention non-stop. Her spiritual voice will bring major-league performers PJ Harvey, Florence Welch and Björk to mind. Yes, that good! Her intriguing compositions will strike you.” Turn Up The Volume

“This was my standout track of the week – in a sea of great songs – what a stunner of a tune! Songs like this give me renewed faith that the UK music scene is bristling with great music. For me the best of it lives underground, emerging with new artists like Gris-de-Lin” Johnno Casson, Fresh on the Net

“Record Of The Day! Saxophonic Kicks with GRIS-DE-LIN… here’s a mysterious, highly talented artist who combines weirdness & melodic brilliance perfectly – une performance tout à fait fantastique…” 50THIRDAND3RD

“When listening to 180 tracks each week, tasked with selecting just a handful, what gets your attention is inevitably something that stands out or stops you in your tracks. It doesn’t need to be wildly original, it can just be very good, because there is comfort in the familiar, but original and good will obviously win out. With The Kick, Gris-de-Lin has both, and in a world that loves to put things in boxes, you’re gonna need a new box.” Steve Harris, Fresh on the Net